Improve memory – simple methods and different ways to make it better!

Memory is a complex cognitive process through which a person can remember, save and reproduce his experience.

Thanks to memory, people preserve and reproduce not only individual objects or situations, but also entire chains of events.

Neglect of physical education, culinary excesses, and bad habits in combination with aging processes of the body worsen the ability to remember. Knowing how to improve memory and attention, it is possible at any age to reach intellectual heights, to retain the ability of clear thinking.

Easy things to do daily to make your memory work in a proper way

To improve memory, it is reasonable doing some things:
– the brain needs rest, so a sufficient night sleep is needed to develop memory;
– for better remembering oxygen is required, so it’s worth getting a habit of walking every day, often ventilating the room;
-the ability to memorize worsens with various nervous shocks, stresses, so they must be avoided in every possible way.

Frequent stress has a really bad influence on the memory improvement

The hormone cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands, takes part in the development of stressful situations. Simultaneously, it is harmful to the hypothalamus – the area of the intermediate brain that affects memory. Mostly stress prevents memory improvement for women, because in the female body the production of estrogens that is necessary for the development of the ability to remember is reducing. To avoid stress and memory loss, women should focus on the current problems that really need to be solved and forget about those that are impossible to work out.

Iodine isImprove memory – simple methods and different ways to make it better! a great mean for the brain giving fast memory improving

The thyroid gland produces hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine, which are necessary for the optimal course of metabolic reactions. The production of these hormones depends on the intake of iodine. Insufficient activity of the thyroid gland causes poor memory. In addition, speech becomes slow, weakness appears, hair falls out, heart rate and blood pressure decrease, breathing gets difficult, appetite losses, gallstones appear, and constipation becomes more frequent.

Water is an excellent tool for the improving of the brain activity

The brain is 80% consists of water, so it sensitively reacts to its lack by weakening the ability to memorize, concentrating attention. Every day, each person needs to drink up to 8 glasses of clean water, especially useful melted one. Water improves memory, attention, increases the ability to concentrate, to perceive new information, gives strength. It is required to consume so much water that the urine remained pale throughout the day. In addition, it is needed to stop drinking coffee, tea, soda, chocolate – any beverages containing caffeine. Caffeine suppresses the enzyme phosphodiesterase, necessary for the development of the ability to memorize, concentrate attention. In addition, big doses of caffeine dehydrate the body. Therefore, one and the most simple of ways to improve memory is drinking more water each day.

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